Philodendron Florida Ghost

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Plant Type: Philodendron 

Care Level: Easy

  • Safe for Pets
  • Green, White
  • Bright, indirect light
  • 65°F - 80°F (18°C - 27°C)
  • Loose, well-drained soil
  • 2-5 Feet Tall

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The enigmatic Philodendron Florida Ghost is a spectral beauty that haunts the hearts of houseplant enthusiasts. Presenting mesmerizing, hauntingly pale greenish-white foliage, this phantom beauty resembles an ethereal apparition of a friendly ghost, floating through the jungle canopy. This ghostly creature is an exotic hybrid of the Philodendron Pedatum and the White Knight, creating a unique and captivating houseplant that will leave your guests in awe and wonder.

The Florida Ghost is quite the shade-tolerant spirit. It thrives in low to medium light, making it an ideal choice for those spooky corners of your home that need a little spectral touch. Plus, it’s a very forgiving ghost – if you forget to water it occasionally, it won’t hold a grudge. But beware! This apparition prefers its soil to be kept slightly moist, so don’t let it dry out completely. It’s like walking the fine line between the living and the afterlife! Spooky.

Like many ghosts, the Philodendron Florida Ghost wishes to ascend. So, if you want to see it reach its full haunting heights, provide a sturdy support for it to cling to, like a trellis or moss pole. Watch as it glides gracefully upward, just like a spirit floating through the night.

But, don’t let its spectral nature fool you – this phantom is not a fan of the cold! Keep your Ghost in a warm and cozy environment, ideally between 65°F to 80°F (18°C to 27°C). You wouldn’t want it to catch a chill, lest it become the ghost of a ghost!